Rainbows and Raindrops, and Flowers and Lizards….

HA! At first when I first learned of this assignment I thought….”What is that? What does that mean? What am I supposed to do with that????”

Well I decided whatever I did, I didn’t have time to write two posts about it; only one. Then my husband texted me he had found something and wanted to show it to me as soon as the children and I returned home…..we were 3 1/2 hours away from home visiting friends and I knew I had to make it home before the sun went down. No staying all day before we leave as this surprise was just what I had been waiting for all month to fill the theme that is to be posted tomorrow!!!

Again, I cannot tell you what the theme is exactly so you will have to wait for the very special photo(s) in tomorrow’s post to find out the theme! Till then….enjoy the trip through my lens while trying to find the perfect photo for this month’s shot.

And so the story of my journey begins here…

(and will end with tomorrow’s post).

If you don’t have time to read this whole post…don’t worry, you can just read each little blip with each photo collage – it will give you what you need to know – otherwise, enjoy my trip through trying to figure out how I gathered these photos and figured out what I was posting.

I will start with my favorite. At the beginning of the month my husband and I took a very much-needed vacation to Hawaii. We were celebrating our 20th anniversary and one of those days I wanted to try to see the sunrise from the summit of the mountain….HA! THAT did NOT happen. It was an ugly day up there….cold, windy and very wet! Sigh. On our way down we caught this view of the valley with the nasty clouds that blocked the sunrise and this BEAUTIFUL rainbow over the valley below.

Beautiful Ugly LR done 5 Hawaii Rainbow-1

Next shot? What some consider creepy, but I found beauty in this little creature. (BTW this is NOT my favorite lens for my camera as it is just a travel lens and doesn’t have great zoom focus – unless I fill the frame – but you get the “picture!”)

Beautiful Ugly LR done 6 Hawaii Rainbow-1

After returning home and having to struggle I decided a few days ago that I would use my front flower bed. May is usually when we try to find a day or two, that isn’t too rainy, and clean up the front flower bed. During the winter it collects and fosters many weeds that found their dwelling there by way of animal from the green belt. We have had everything from thistles to wild strawberries that we have never planted. By May they are in full bloom….along side the plants we have planted.

1a BC Final May-1

2a BC Final May-1

3a BC Final May-1

Just as I was finishing my shots we had friends that were leaving. The weather here has been drizzly, or down pouring or at the very least raining….if you have ever lived in the Pacific Northwest then you know that all of those are not rain, but different degrees of rain and can determine if you come out of your hermit house. If you are like me, born in the desert and prefer very dry heat like a lizard, then you rarely come out of that shell of a house….unless there is a moment of sun (naturally made vitamin D is a very rare commodity here).

As we were saying good-by to our friends the drops of rain from the nearly black clouds above were falling and were big. The sun had been trying to come out off in the west before that. Turning to run inside with the my family, my husband told me to look up. And this is what I saw (again, not the best shot….didn’t have time to make too many adjustments with the rain that was coming down, but isn’t beautiful?):

4a BC Final May-1

I hope you have enjoyed this post and that it wasn’t too long for you. If you made it this far I thank you. Remember to watch for tomorrow’s official post for this month’s theme and follow the blog circle all the way around to see everyone’s posts.


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