CLEAR!!! Beep, Beep, Beep….

This month I decided I needed a defibrillator to get this blog’s heart beat going. Realizing that having more personal projects to post, say at least once a month, to my photography blog would help, I decided to join a blog circle! Wondering what that is? Well, there are nine of us, so far, each working to push ourselves to get out our cameras and shoot something that follows the monthly theme. (Take note: THIS IS NOT MY OFFICIAL POST FOR THE CIRCLE, there will be no links to other’s posts in this post….stay tuned for the next post. I just figured I should get pulse here going first with a teaser.) We are all a part of an amazing group of photographers on Clickin Moms.

Personally, I found this theme (which I will reveal next week on the 2nd of May) extremely difficult as what I really wanted to shoot, I had trouble finding. So I am going to blog about my photo date with one of my sons and my journey to find my “perfect” shot. My son’s final photography class project needed to get done and I had promised to take him to this old barn at a house we often passed when driving to church. Making our way towards church for the evening, we stopped at this same house, not far from us,that is 100 years old. As my son shot photos, so did I.

blog post - 1st-

Incredibly, the owner owned nearly half of the city she lives in (I nearly choked). The little old lady, who I might add didn’t look that old, gladly gave her permission for my boy to take some photos of the barn and the outside of her house. She then followed her consent by sharing with me a little of the homestead’s history. Take note of the caps on all the stairs rails outside of the house. Yes, they are made of stained glass. Next is a broken window from the only barn (out of three) left on the property and some sort of farming something….maybe a watering trough for the animals that once grazed the field?

blog post -2

This was a different window on the same side of the barn as the last. I couldn’t come any closer to it due to what appeared to be a large broken-up, wooden box in front of it. Not wanting to impose on the owner’s already generous and tolerant heart, I refrained from trying to get the “final cut photo” to my challenge for the blog circle.

Instead, I settled for this photo of the window and its jagged glass.

blog post -3

After stopping our little visit, we headed to the older district of our city. Finding a church established in the late 1800’s we decided this could fulfill the needed subject for my son’s project. Working to get that perfect shot, he climbed upon the top of my car. I couldn’t help but to take a few unsuspecting photos. We crossed the street and I found myself drooling over the window with a scene from the bible and really wished I could go inside to get a photo of it. It would have been beautiful.

blog post -4

I thought maybe I could settled for this shot, little did I know my journey was not to end just yet. The light behind lit up the amber-colored glass and the lattice-work over it (yes it was lattice over the window, not an old screen door) was beautiful. By all means, it clearly did NOT fulfill the project’s charge, but I had come to the conclusion that it would have to do and that I would not find a real “Insert-here-what-you-think-my-project-this-month-was” photo to shoot.

Don’t you just wish you knew what was behind that door? I do.

blog post -5

At last it was time to head to church for our class that evening. When we arrived, it was early and the doors were locked. Entering was not an option. As I stood there, patiently waiting, I saw an opportunity to capture the sun, with help of the stained glass windows, coloring the white sofa inside. Here is what I thought my final shot would be….however, I still have ONE MORE. I promise to post it on May 2nd so you can see what I ended up with and what my actual photo assignment was. In it I will link to the next person in our group what their shot was and they will link to the next and so on. Hopefully you will find yourself inspired to go try it out yourself.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and teaser to the end of my journey.

blog post -6