4 thoughts on “Connect

  1. I will spread the word about your site. Im sure there are many families in our church that can pay some, just not tons and would love to have you do their portraits!

  2. Hi Patty,
    It is Karen – Kathy’s friend, in photography class with you! Love your pics and love that you are doing this as a ministry/gifting to those that can’t afford to always pay. some photographers have gotten ridiculous with their prices. I am thinking I would love to have you do a photo shoot with our family some time very soon. I am thinking I would really love to do something this winter if we get some snow. Im crossing my fingers that we do. Especially since we are a big skiing/snowboarding family. Thought that would be fun and different. See you Monday!

    • Karen, I feel terrible that I am just now seeing this. I have been checking and I don’t recall seeing this before. Have I replied to you yet? I remember replying to someone from class but don’t remember if it were you. I would LOVE to do your family pics. Please give me a call. I am scheduling again now that the holidays are over. Thank you for your kind words.

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