Push: Beautiful Ugly

Welcome to PUSH: Beautiful Ugly for the Month of May!

If you arrived at my blog from Tessa’s Blog, I thank you for visiting.

If you would like to follow how I arrived at this photo series please feel free to read yesterday’s post.

Also, be sure to check out Sara’s blog when you are done

and continue through our blog circle of amazing photographer women!

Yesterday, I was three an a half hours from home…had just finished today’s post (the one that is now yesterday’s post with modifications so as not to give away the surprise of the theme) and my husband texted me saying I needed to make sure I left early enough to get home before the sun went down and capture the following.

Here is the very special, incredibly last-minute, Beautiful Ugly post….

May Challenge finals-1

My husband was cleaning out some things in the back yard and found a bird’s nest

in an area of very tall grass that had been missed (thank goodness) by our son when he mowed the lawn.

May Challenge finals-2

They are so precious! So Ugly, yet so beautiful!

May Challenge finals-3

I was so excited to capture them. I was even able to get mama, who was NOT happy with us for exposing these beauties of hers, in the tree where she was yelling at me.

May Challenge finals-4

I hope you enjoyed this little peek into our springy backyard!

Make sure you remember to go visit Sara’s Blog for her take on Beautiful Ugly.


5 thoughts on “Push: Beautiful Ugly

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  2. Thanks Lisa. There are a total of four of them now. The unhatched egg in the photos has hatched and rhey are getting a little bigger already. Not looking as scrawny.

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