Selfies - April 2013-1

My name is Patty Taylor and I am a mom of three boys and one princess, ranging in ages from 18 down to 11, all of whom I home school. I have been married for 20 years to the man of my dreams and we serve missionaries and their families that are stateside for a season.

My mission with photography is to capture who you are right now…today. To freeze your life as it is now, in time, that will be memories of yesteryear before you know it. To create a shoot that you and yours will have fun on and won’t just be your everyday photo session, but becomes a joyful recollection; and in the process we can become friends.

I have always been interested in photography. Whether I was the subject being photographed or the photographer behind the camera. I worked for five years at a local photography lab for professional photographers and learned many of the different facets of the printed side of photography. During this time she began to see everything around her from a different point of view and as she got her hands on a digital camera I begin to transfer the images in my mind’s eye to files that could be printed and shared. Getting to know the person(s) to be photographed is also important in this process of showing the real you, tailoring the image into something that will last a life time. This is why I like to meet you a few minutes early so that we can chat and I can get a good feel of what you are looking for within the shoot and how to best pull that all together during our time together. I can’t wait to meet you! Thank you for stopping by.


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