Karina R.

This girl is so quick you may not see her coming! She is an amazing young woman with an amazing heart!

This was definitely a fun and surprise filled shoot! Karin was willing to climb,

hang upside down,

Play with and

jump into the leaves.

She brought her quirky,

mismatched self,

her big smile

her dramatic side,

and the little girl still inside and we

played. For 3 hours we had a ton of fun,

and lots of laughter!

Karina is one of a kind, beautiful, smart and easy to hang around.

She is full of life! It just bubbles over in all she does!

The one side of Karina I failed to catch is the one most of us know her by….her sporty side….I will get that at a later date (when the weather cooperates)  and post again then.

I did catch a side many of us rarely ever get to see….what side is that you ask?…..try this!

or this

The formal side of Karina. She could be a model! She is beautiful! Oh, wait I already said that….that’s okay, it’s worth saying again!

Karina, Thanks for such a great afternoon with you! I really enjoyed our time together and was inspired, by you,  to try new things.

Karina, never stop being you! Remember who you are and to whom you belong!

Don’t ever be ashamed of following Him with your whole being and heart.

Remember to be proud of your uniqueness. It is what makes you, you and what draws others to want to be like you.

Stand strong. You are precious and a jewel! Keep your sparkle and shine bright!