Bethany Z.

Quiet, but sweet, Bethany is one smart girl.

Bethany’s humility and even-tempered nature created a peaceful atmosphere to work with.

Bethany is focused and driven to follow her desires and dreams.

I truly believe NOTHING will distract this young woman.

Her love for her Mama is obvious and her Mama’s love & pride for her is as well.

Bethany, I know you will go far and accomplish what ever you set your mind to.

Keep your focus, bring your life before the Lord often and press on!

Thank you for playing with me, you were a great sport and so easy to work with.

Congrats Bethany on the next chapter in your life!


Jeffery H.

What can I say? Jeffery is definitely a one man act!

A guy who puts you at ease and makes you laugh.

Jeffery was so much fun and adventurous.

His love for & commitment to the Lord is bold and courageous.

His drumming skills are amazing!

Entertaining the UW Tacoma students wandering around.

People at the Museum of Glass.

Getting that classic “Band” B&W Shot.

And finding places to steady his drum for its own little shot.

He could be dramatic,


chilled (and get away with CRAZY Neon Orange shirts & shoe strings),



and just plain cool!

Jeffery, Thanks for letting my husband and I hang with you for the day

and for making the shoot so much fun!

as you follow God’s direction for your life

I know you will succeed at anything you put your hands to.

Congratulations Jeffery!

Abby R.

Abby is a sweet young woman, whose beauty pours out of her

and gives her an attraction that is rare to see in today’s young people.

Her joy is pure.

Her love for God is apparent and she is not ashamed of His Gospel.

She enjoys music.

And even little things bring her sweet memories of yesteryear.

Abby, Thank you for letting me spend the day with you and getting to know you better.

You are a joy and a breath of fresh air.