Having fun!

This is true to form for my 2nd oldest. He is playful to the core. He would love everyone to believe he would shoot them with that rubber band, but really? He wouldn’t do it….unless you were a brother or close friend or better yet, DAD!

My Third oldest is just silly! He loves to make others laugh. This is a true representation of him. His love of laughter and craziness! He was giving me so many expressions to take pictures of, but this one is my favorite!

This little guy is the child of a close friend. He is a joy and his smile just lights up his eyes. She put him at the top of the slide and he just couldn’t help, but think he was on top of the world!

He would start to scoot his bum with much anticipation for the butterflies you knew where fluttering inside his tummy as he gradually, bit by bit, accelerated down the slide confident of his daddy’s waiting arms.


Always kiss your children goodnight…

Even if they are asleep.

~H. Jackson Brown, Jr.~


I would like you to meet my family. For without them I would not be doing this business.

My husband. An amazing Father, provider and my best friend!

My Husband, Richard, is my biggest fan and greatest support (not to mention my personal tech guy!).

The next member would be my oldest son. He loves photography and has taken a few pictures of his own that amaze me. He has a great eye and a great personality. He is sweet and accompanies me as my assistant often on shoots.

He also enjoys the out doors where he loves jumping on the trampoline, doing handstands and working.

Next is the second boy. This one loves animals, little kids and wants to be a pediatrician when he grows up. He comes along with me on shoots when the client is a little one. He knows just how to get them comfortable and how to get the best smiles and reactions from them.

Next is boy number three. He is just fun-loving and full of life. His humor brings us all to laughter often. He is smart,  loves people and has a very tender heart toward those who are less fortunate than the rest of us.

Next is my only girl. She is sweet, gentle and caring. She loves life and loves art. She is often heard singing everything. Her life is a musical. This one is known for singing her questions to us.

Last, but not least is our “adopted” child. He is not the youngest, in fact he is the oldest. He is a friend and pushes all of us to new levels with the Lord.  He has only been with us for six months and is now at YWAM in Kona, HI. He has been a true blessing in our lives. Gabriel is an amazing young man with a love for God that is unusual for His generation. He hears God clearly and is going to go far.


Now you have met my family. I am grateful for each and every one of them as they all contribute to my constant growth in the Lord and each of them are a gem to me. I could not be who and would not be where I am today with out each of them.