Jaquie M.

Jaquie was a bonus Senior for me this year.

She asked a photographer friend of mine, Erin Carlson, to do her Senior Shoot.

Erin then asked if I would like to come along and shoot with her (thank you Erin). Jaquie ended up with a TON of photos to choose from and from two different points of view. I will try to make sure the photos I post here are ones I posed or things I created. Some of the posses I took shots of were Erin’s posses and others were mine. I want to do my best at representing my ideas and creativity in this post most.

Jaquie is a fun-loving, sweet young lady.


She was adventurous and willing to try just about anything.

Jaquie is full of surprises. She was joyful and a good model for me to work with.

One of my favorite things to do is grab details of the day.

Things that the individual can look back on and say, “Oh! I remember that!”

For Jaquie it was her Boots,

Her heels and a masquerade mask,

Her belt that day was kind of neat,

And her simple yet beautiful abalone necklace.

There are also a few details of the day I enjoy making sure that I capture.

Like some friends who came along on the shoot and serenaded us the entire time with a bit of Spanish type guitar music.

Everywhere we walked they were playing for us and I figured they should put out their hat and try to collect a little from passers-by. That was very profitable, but we enjoyed the music anyway.

There was also the friend who carried Jaquie over to the cement walk way so she wouldn’t have to walk on the rocks or put her shoes on only for us to ask her to take them off right away.

That day he was being such an angel I thought that this was an appropriate view.

Then there was Jaquie’s dirty foot from walking to a log we wanted her to pose on. This I thought was so classic and antique like. Jaquie was such a great sport.

Jaquie, I know you will do great things. Your fun-loving spirit, your joyful laughter, your determination to go beyond what is asked or required will take you far. Remember to keep Jesus number one and you will soar on eagle’s wings girl! Congratulations on your graduation!


What a Busy Spring…

Spring was incredibly busy for me with 5 Senior shoots, a Wedding, a Graduation, a Baby and finishing a Senior shoot from this fall with her sports shots and adding her brother in there with her; about threw me over the top!

I am learning to pace myself and that it would be okay to turn people away. Homeschooling my children is my first priority and a full-time job in and of itself. Adding photo shoots to that is just the cherry on top, but it isn’t the whole cake! So now that I have all photos edited and the dust is settling, I thought I would begin posting them all.

I hope you enjoy each of them as much as I enjoyed shooting them!