PUSH: Mobile Phone

It is time for my monthly Clickin Mom’s Blog Circle post!

If you have arrived here from Jennifer Johnson’s blog, I thank you for visiting.

This month our challenge was mobile phones. I decided to upload some of my favorites taken with my phone and even a collage or two, all while telling you of my favorite iPhone camera apps I love and used to capture these moments in time.

My typical “go to” app is one that is called Camera Awesome! and is created by Smugmug. My favorite thing about this app is that I can focus on one thing while exposing the photo for a different area. This allows me a little more “in camera” creativity. You do this duel action by tapping once with two fingers and it will separate the exposure box from the focus circle. Move these two things around to where you want them and create different effects. Great and fun app to play with. Here is a shot with this app. With Camera Awesome! I was able to focus on the honey bee and expose for the white daisy flower petals so that they didn’t blow out and you wouldn’t be able to see any detail. Now, one needs to know this isn’t a fool-proof app. It takes patience and practice to get it to blur, but it will if the conditions are right. It is best so that you can properly expose your photo though so that it isn’t blown out or you get great silhouettes.


This next one I focused on my favorite thing (specifically the base of it), Mt. Rainier, and exposed for the snowy area on a very bright sunny day so you could still see the details of the mountain.


Everyone knows of Instagram and, though I have one, I probably don’t use it nearly as often as many of my friends do. However, I love the ability to blur my photos with the blur tool in the app. When I cannot get a good small aperture effect from my Smugmug app, Camera Awesome!, I resort to Instagram to blur what I want to just be background details of the story to be told and keep crystal clear the focus of the shot.

Here is a shot using Instagram of my son. He, for whatever reason, is into taking two paper straw covers and folding them over one another. When he is done he has this thing called a larry (I don’t have any idea why he – and his friends – call it that).

IMG_1521 Another fun app is the Photo Studio. Here is a photo edited from that app. It isn’t perfect, but I bet it you have a really great stylus (which I do now….just didn’t at the time I played with this photo) it would be exceedingly better than just your finger. IMG_1249

The last app I love in my collection of camera apps, and yes I said collection….see?


Is the Pic-Frame, Photo collage & Picture Editor for Instagram (man! that is a long name for an app!) a.k.a. on my photo, Photo Collage.

I like it because I have so many options with it.

Here are a couple of the photo collages I have made with that.



(That last one of the light house were photos I actually used the photo collage app on my iPad with photos I transferred from my camera to my iPad – just so you know….)

Hopefully this blog has been informative and have shared one or two apps that you haven’t tried. The other apps you see in my camera app collection that I didn’t mention, well that would be because I haven’t yet tried them out. But they are in there and maybe someday I will do another feature on the iPhone Camera Apps!

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