PUSH: Shallow DOF

Welcome to our monthly theme, PUSH: Shallow DOF, and thank you for visiting. We are a group of gifted photographers who joined together for this project through Clickin’ Moms.

I strongly encourage you to visit each blog to see how we all interpret the monthly theme. If you want to traverse forward then go to Rebecca’s post here when you are done with my post. What’s that you say? You like to be a bit different? Okay, how about skipping backwards and head on over to Tessa’s take on Shallow DOF here.

“What is DOF?,” you ask. The teacher in me can hear you clearly. DOF is a photography acronym for Depth Of Field. An amazing website that can explain this concept very well is Here. However, I must warn you, if you have never learned anything about DOF it can feel a little dizzying at first. No worries though, start from the beginning of the tutorial and keep working through it as well as putting into practice what you are learning. If you keep trying you will get it, I promise. Patience and persistence is the key. Okay, a little mentoring helps too.

Here are my shots for this month. I decided to use DOF to do a bit of story telling. So the most important part is what is NOT in focus. My wonderful & super man took the ladder ball game out and I decided to take the opportunity to dodge the flying colorful spheres and capture some sibling fun. To really see the story you must pay attention to the blurry figures in the background. I love that I left them out of focus, yet you can truly imagine every exciting moment and feel their energy (sure wish they would share).

Shallow DOF 1

SHallow DOF 2

Shallow DOF 3

Shallow DOF 4


7 thoughts on “PUSH: Shallow DOF

  1. Thanks ladies. I wanted to do something a little different than last month’s. I had just finished playing modeling photo shoot with my daughter (pictured here with one of her older brothers) and they decided to play this game. I was excited as I saw how well it turned out and chucked her “modeling” shoot for this post. Lol. I did post her modeling shoot….I think….if not I will. But really like the story telling aspect of this one.

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