Ugly to Beautiful…

Last month I posted, as part of the blog circle I am a part of,

to the theme of Beautiful Ugly.

Since my subject for that theme is growing at a rapid rate,

I thought I would update you with these babies’ progress.

Here is the now:

Beautiful Ugly part 2 -C

They are becoming more and more beautiful.

Mom and Dad were still not happy about this photo shoot!

Apparently, birds are not as excited to record the birth and growth stages

of their children as humans are of their children.

Beautiful Ugly part 2 - B

Although the parents were starting to really become angry with me about not following

their fake broken wing tricks, to lead me far away from the nest,

I was still able to capture the moment.

These sweet babies were very still and perfect clients, albeit a free session.

Beautiful Ugly part 2 - A

Here is a little then and now comparison.

These babies are now one week and three days old!

Pretty soon we will go to check the nest only find it empty, reminding me I don’t have

much time left with my own babies before they will have all left the nest

as well and our home will be forever changed….

just as it once was when they each arrived into our nest.

Beautiful Ugly part 2 - D

Beautiful Ugly part 2 - E


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