Sweet Gracie E.

Today starts my summer months for portraits! What fun I had today playing with baby Gracie.

Gracie blog Template 3

She has a beautiful smile that doesn’t just light the room, but lights your entire heart. What joy she was.

This little thing, believe it or not, is only 6 months old! She is crawling,

sitting up and just before leaving to come see me she stood all by herself with nothing to hold on to.

Gracie Blog Template 5

She isn’t waiting around for anyone to help her out, dependence is her goal; I’m sure of it.

Gracie blog Template 1

She LOVES her some pearls. Puckering up when removed them from her, I thought we might get a sweet crying photo. Nope, she didn’t stay sad long. As soon as she saw the camera, out burst that sunny smile!

Gracie Blog Template 6

Her little nose and those eyelashes sweet talk you before she makes a sound. You can’t help but want to squeeze her!

Gracie Blog Template 4

Here are a few things that Gracie is that I noticed today while we played.

Gracie is:




Gentle yet powerful


Gracie blog Template 2

Gracie also has very good ears, that hear well.

This was proved as each time she heard a new sound she looked in that direction.

Gracie Blog Template 7

Grace Lovinghope E., I pray you become everything God has planned for you! You are a beautiful princess, inside and out.

As you usher joy into a room, grab onto the Lord, don’t let go, and listen carefully and follow all He leads you to do!


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