Push: Shoot Through Glass

Thank you Sara for sending your friends my direction!

Here is my monthly Push Blog Circle Post.

Our Theme is “Shoot Through Glass.”

You can follow my journey to acquiring this shot here.

My first photo is to show you what, exactly, I was shooting through. These columns are made of stone and glass and have water pouring out from the top and running down the sides. You will find these at the Museum of Glass in Tacoma, WA. At first, I thought this assignment was going to be impossible…then I remembered I live in the perfect city for a “Shoot Through Glass” assignment! I have a museum full of it (although they do not allow cameras in the museum, anything outside, on the marina’s edge, is at your photographic disposal!)

Shoot through glass 1a-1

I decided to see if I could wait just long enough for the wind to die down so the water was a clear sheet over the glass and the ripples wouldn’t distort my photo anymore than it would be; due to the roundness of the glass. A brick building across the walk way was an interesting object to shoot through the glass, so that is what I chose. I used my manual focus so that it would be clear and easy to recognize. This was a fun challenge and I look forward to next month’s challenge.

Be sure to visit Dominique’s blog: Life Among The Cornfields (don’t you just love that title?)

for the next “Shoot Through Glass” inspirational photo.

Shoot through glass 2a-2431


15 thoughts on “Push: Shoot Through Glass

  1. I love it!!! As a kid I remember being fascinated (as was my brother) on how light “bends” in water and what you see through water is so distorted. 🙂 This totally reminds me of that! Great job! And I love the glass sculpture/museum. Those are really interesting.

  2. I’m glad that you posted the puubacks too — it really adds a lot to see exactly what you are shooting through. Great take on the challenge!

    • Whew! Thanks Jennifer. I was really trying hard to keep my post as short as possible. Lol. I’m not the best at only using a few words so this monthly challenge is more than just a theme-to-shoot challenge for me. Lol

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