I have been Quiet For a While…..

Life has been crazy busy, but I have still been shooting. The other day I read a photo recipe from one of my FAVORITE photographers, Mera Koh, on my Facebook wall. She gave great tips on how to photograph fireworks. All the links with in the blog were fantastic as well.

I am trying to whittle down my responsibilities and business to find time, at minimum once a month, to post to this blog. Thus you getting to see new photographs of either a shoot or something I am learning and where I learned it. That is my goal.

Here are a few of my favorite fireworks from the Fourth of July this 2012, year. If you want to see more from last night request to be my facebook friend. I will probably post more tomorrow since our neighbors had to wait till tonight to celebrate and well, last night was my first time ever trying to shoot these  I may even have more amazing shots thanks to our neighbors who had to wait till tonight to celebrate.

Oh the anticipation to light off the big ones this year!

Admiring their incredible pyro-skills.

Light writing our initials. What fun it was.

This one happens to be my favorite because I broke nearly every rule!

I had my camera in manual focus and forgot to focus.

I love it when mistakes turn out looking soooo way cool!

I never realized that our house had a view!

Once a year this is the view.

Somewhere between heaven and earth.


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