Congradualtions Josh E.

One of my favorite things about shooting families is that sometimes, as the children grow older and graduate high school, they come back to you to document this amazing time in their lives.

Such is the case with the Edgren Household.  You may remember about a year and a half ago I did their family portraits.

What a blessing and honor to play a part in this monumental moment for their family history.

Their oldest, Joshua, asked that I do his senior shoot this June.  I was so excited when they called me and we had a lot of fun.

(If you are wondering if it took me this long to edit the photos? No, it just took me this long to have time to post them on my blog.)

Joshua, you have grown into an amazing young man of God!

You have accomplished a great deal at home and now have a new adventure of your own choosing to explore.

Joshua, continue to contend for the faith!

And stand guard always!

I know God’s favor and blessings are you, His faithful servant!


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