Sr. Stuart S.

My first memory of Stuart was an 11-year-old boy, who was quiet and enjoying being in my astronomy class with his friend Philip.

Stuart has grown into quite the impressive young man.

His interest in astronomy may have faded, but he has become an amazing pianist and composer.

We really had a lovely time in the park…

(we even had a fly by)

Stuart enjoys tall things…

Especially buildings…

Stuart has a fun side….getting it to come out in public is a challenge….but I think we finally found it!

Stuart, your talent amazes me; I know as long as you follow God you will go so far!

I pray your senior year is filled with many memories and excitement of dreaming about your future.

Congratulations, Stuart! You’re nearly done and the next chapter will be exciting.

I look forward to watching God grow you more!

Thank you for a wonderful afternoon of fun.


2 thoughts on “Sr. Stuart S.

  1. Amazing perspective — Stuart is a great guy (no prejudice here…!)

    Patty, your talent for capturing the true nature of the subject is amazing.

    We are grateful for your willingness to take time with Stuart and making him feel comfortable with this process.

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