Sr. Joel R.

This shoot was so fun! I did Joel’s sister last year and was thoroughly looking forward to his shoot this year

My first memory of Joel was…..Oh My Goodness, who is this kid!

Well, I did finally find out and he is a fun, loving-life kind of guy.

We have had MANY laughs since then….right Joel??? HA!

I always like to try and find a way to help my Seniors relax so to start off we visited the Auto Museum.

Since Joel is a car enthusiast, this was a big hit.

The lighting wasn’t my favorite, but what did that matter if you get your picture

taken next to the Flintstone car from the actual movie????

From there on Joel was ready for the rest of the shoot.

He was full of jesting and many laughs.

Can one expect anything less from him???? I think not.

Now if you know Joel, then you know I am considerably shorter than he is.

Sooooo, I decided it was time to bring him down to size….

Joel was a terrific sport! He let me try some new and different perspectives.

See if you can figure out all the sports he plays from this shot.

Joel is a die hard Steelers fan. Yes this is a real game ball and yes the ENTIRE team’s signatures are on it. WOW!

He has been featured in the paper often this football season and

well, be watching for his name in the college league and maybe someday for the pros!

All in all it was a fun filled day of laughter and lots of walking!

Thanks for hanging out with us Joel, and for hanging in there with all the walking.


2 thoughts on “Sr. Joel R.

  1. Thanks Donna, He is so much fun to be with….but then again which of your kids aren’t???? I don’t think you have any… I love hanging with all of you! You are all such fun and I ALWAYS end up laughing so hard I leave wondering if I will need my inhaler….lol. Love you too! And thanks for the privilege of spending the afternoon with your almost adult children. :0)

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