McFall Family

I called this family up on a whim asking if I could shoot some family photos before their newest one arrived

(any day….literally…we shot all these on her due date! YIKES)

I was so excited when they called me back to tell me they had time that night! What fun they were.

The McFalls are a special family as Pat and Tarah are our Youth Pastors at our church.

They are so full of energy….and it’s a good thing because they need to be able to keep up with their littles and our youth!

Their oldest is such a cutie. He LOVES his ball and is so much fun !

He and his daddy love playing together.

Tarah is a very beautiful woman, inside and out.

She is also a very cute pregnant lady.

(not any more, she has had her precious little one, a girl, since this shoot. Hoping I might get a chance to do a baby shoot with her)

It was such an enjoyable evening with all of them.

Thank you McFalls for doing this on such short notice

and for giving me the opportunity to learn more and really spread my creativity wings.

You are very blessed indeed!


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