Having fun!

This is true to form for my 2nd oldest. He is playful to the core. He would love everyone to believe he would shoot them with that rubber band, but really? He wouldn’t do it….unless you were a brother or close friend or better yet, DAD!

My Third oldest is just silly! He loves to make others laugh. This is a true representation of him. His love of laughter and craziness! He was giving me so many expressions to take pictures of, but this one is my favorite!

This little guy is the child of a close friend. He is a joy and his smile just lights up his eyes. She put him at the top of the slide and he just couldn’t help, but think he was on top of the world!

He would start to scoot his bum with much anticipation for the butterflies you knew where fluttering inside his tummy as he gradually, bit by bit, accelerated down the slide confident of his daddy’s waiting arms.


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