Edgren Family

This family was fun to work with.

They had a tight schedule to but we were able to fit it all in.

This family is full of fun and spunk. Every time you turn around someone is doing something that entertains you one way or another.

They obviously love each other very much.

Let’s start by introducing the parents. Kathy and Tim. After many years of marriage and 5 kids they still have that spark in their eyes for one another.

Next we have the kids.

We will start with the sisters.

They are such a joy to watch together.

The older of the two is Rachel.
She loves texting, facebooking and is very creative. She is a joy as a student (I would know as I have had her in some of my classes) and a quick learner. She is bubbly and full of joy!

She also loves photography!

Next is Sarah. She is sweet, quiet at times and all her friends just lover her. She is has also been one of my students and her giggle and smile brought sunshine to the room.

She is also an inquisitive and a beautiful young lady.

Now let’s talk about those boys!

We’ll start with Josh. He is funny and is a good watchman on the wall over his younger siblings. He is the oldest of the children and is destined for great things.

He also has a great sense of humor. Yes this shot was his idea. Go figure.

Next there is David. He is a fun-loving kid who just enjoys being a boy. He loves just playing and having fun with friends or

siblings. He and Sarah were trying to switch sides on the log

they were standing on without falling off.

It was fun to watch. And yes, they were successful.

And thoughtfully last is Daniel. Yes, I meant to save him for last as he holds a special place in my heart, as one of my boys’ good friend. (Daniel, know that I didn’t put you last because you are always last. I put you last so that you would be what others remember from this post. The last thing written is what many remember most, and you! You should and will always be remembered.)

Daniel is a thinker and loves to be outside. He is a kid who is more than meets the eye. Many might just see him as playful and fun, but he is so much more. Daniel is smart, caring and often moved to compassion. His heart is sensitive and loving. He is a loyal friend and is trustworthy. He will be a great man when he grows up and I believe that he will lead many people with out even knowing it.


Edgren Family, Thanks for a terrific day and all your patience and willingness to play and pose.


2 thoughts on “Edgren Family

  1. Patty, you capture the heart of your families so well. Beautiful pics of a wonderful family once again. I’m your biggest fan!

    • Thanks Sherry. Good to know I have some fans. Just need more is all. ;0)
      Still willing to come over to the other side to do anyone there that might want pics done. My prices are good (or should I say God led?) for anyone as I don’t set a price. I let them pray about it and give what ever they can or feel lead to give. I love doing this and it is so much fun.

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