Sr. Joe H.

This guy was such a good sport! I loved spending the afternoon with him. Joe plays bass and really enjoyed jammin’ out to the music over the speakers outside a shop we sat next to.

Joe is a shy kind of guy, but a lot of fun and if you ask the right questions he’ll talk to ya.

If you listen closely you will even know what turns his head and make him take notice.

Joe enjoys science, math and skate boarding. He isn’t into doing tricks,

but was willing to try a few actions shots anyway for me.


Joe isn’t much of one to smile quickly,

but once again if you listen and know just what to say when….

he’ll crack a grin and even laugh a little just when you want to see his blue eyes sparkle.

Joe, I know if you don’t give up you can and will go far. Trust God and know He has a terrific plan for you. In that plan it contains much more than you could ever dream of for yourself!

Thanks for a great day in the sun. It was really fun hangin’.


2 thoughts on “Sr. Joe H.

    • Thanks Sherry. I was hoping you would get to see these. Oh and thanks for the referral as well. I really had a good time with Joe and he has done a TON of growing up these last three or four years! He was fun. Again, Thanks.

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