Whittaker Family

What a terrific family!

Steve & Sherry and even the kids! They are all such fun to hang out with and have a zeal for life we all can learn from.

They stick together through thick and thin and when they put their heads together…watch out world!

They are an unstoppable force, a beautiful picture of unity!

Let me start by introducing you to Steve. He is funny and has the true heart of a servant. He is there when you need him and always with a smile on his face. I don’t think I have ever seen him not bubbling over with joy. He lights up a room and the party doesn’t start till he walks in the door.

Then there is Sherry. What an amazing and beautiful woman of God she is. She has become such a warrior as well. Her teacher’s heart is always ready to exhort, encourage and explain. The sweetness she brings to a room when she enters is uplifting and her joy is abundant!

Next we have Andrew. Now most people think Andrew is a young man of very few words…and usually I would say they are correct. However, I know better. Andrew is a deep thinker and only shares when he knows someone is willing to really listen. I have heard this young man talk for hours (yes I really said hours). Not to me mind you, but to a friend who is always ready to listen and just let Andrew be…well, Andrew. Andrew is an amazing young man with an amazing mind, he is firm in what he believes and does not waver. Andrew is a rock solid young man whom one can always count on to be there. He is a quiet leader and I look forward to just how God is going to use him both now and as he grows in the Lord.

Here we have Aaron. He is gifted with humor and an athletic ability. He loves playing football and is a strong leader. He knows what he believes and takes a stand for it! Just like Aaron in the bible (you know the brother of Moses) this Aaron is a good speaker.

This is Emily. I have had the privilege of knowing her since she was born. Sherry and I joke that our mid-wife must have swapped our girls at birth, as this sweet thing is just like me. I love her chattiness. Conversing with her is a joy. She is so full of life and laughter. She is becoming a beautiful young lady.

This family loves drama, movies and certain entertaining television shows. Here you can see just how dramatic they all can be.

This was such a fun experiment for shooting pictures with. Thanks guys for letting experiment with you! You were great to work with on this and it turned out so good! Wouldn’t you say?

Thank you Whittaker family for an incredible (warm and sunny) weekend (okay, so I know you didn’t really have control of the weather, but can we just pretend you did?). We always enjoy our visit and cherish your friendship!


4 thoughts on “Whittaker Family

  1. Thank you Tracey – miss you too.
    And Sherry I am so glad you like them. I didn’t see the comment when I first looked back here, so ignore my FB post to you. Although now all your friends and family can come look. :0)

    • I sent the link to a bunch of friends and family and the people who have responded LOVE them too. The word I’m hearing the most is “awesome”. Thank you!

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