Amy and Ashley BFF

These two friends were just too cute! While Amy is a bit more out going Ashley was a little more reserved. I first met Amy and Ashley when they were about 8 years old. Now they have really blossomed into incredibly beautiful young ladies inside and out. I asked each of them to write about their best friend. I asked them to tell their story (they didn’t know I was going to share it here…hee hee) so I will let them give you all the facts about each other!

“Ashley is full of joy, and laughter, and she is very compassionate.” ~Amy

“Amy is one of the best friends imaginable.” ~Ashley

She [Ashley] can be a bit shy at times, (so can I!) she can also be very enthusiastic.” ~Amy

“She [Amy] is joyful, willing, creative, talented, and a good example.” ~Ashley

“When me and Ashley met, we were just coming back to Clover [Bible Fellowship].  [Ashley’s family] had been praying for a friend for her, so I think it’s pretty darn cool that I was their answer to prayer.” ~Amy

“Amy is just a fun and unique person. I enjoy being with her a lot.” ~Ashley

“When we met, she [Ashley] was hurt very badly by [someone she loved], so I just let here share her feelings, and open up a bit.” ~Amy

“Our friendship is strong and will never break. Even though we argue sometimes, we stop and work things out. Amy helps me with my problems by giving me hope and encourages me.” ~Ashley

We have a lot in common, we love animals, the out doors, crafts, and swimming. ( And much more!) She [Ashley]  likes making stuffed animals, jumping on their trampoline, and gardening. I’m pretty sure her favorite color is blue, I don’t remember. (Now that’s sad!)” ~Amy

“I can’t imagine not having a friend like her [Amy].” ~Ashley

Thank you girls for letting me get to know you a bit together as friends and for such a fun photo shoot!


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