Gabriel Moving On

I have to admit, when I first met Gabriel he seemed, I don’t know…difficult to get to know. However, as the months have past I have found he is quite the lovable character.

He has become part of our family, like a nephew or little brother. He has a mischievous side as the picture above shows in his smile.

His love for the Lord is unabashed and it was fun to watch him play in God’s great creation at the beach.

He often took moments just to bask in God’s glory.

It was sweet and tender, and I felt privileged to be an observer.

Gabriel has another love….HATS! So we showed him a store that was nothing but hats. He was in heaven!

He even tried a few on.

Gabriel is often ready to play, dance, sing….Gabriel just loves to perform and is so joyful about it (and good at it too) you can’t help but be a captive audience.

Gabriel has a serious side too. He is a loyal friend and loves life as he now knows it.

Gabriel, thank you for the honor of spending the day with you and of your friendship.

I wish you the best as you finish this chapter and prepare for the next in your journey.


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